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Pay our Hazard allowi! – Health workers


Di Senior Staff Association for Universities, Teaching Hospitals, Research Institutes, and Associated Institutions, don beg Federal Government make dem start to dey pay di Hazard Allowance for health workers.

Di Sector Chairmo for SSAUTHRIAI, Mr. Mustapher Kabir, yan dis one when dem do small we no go gree with News conference wey di association organise inside Lagos on Wednesday.

Di report News Agency of Nigeria been give report say union been do di small peaceful we no go gree so dem go urge government to pay di hazard allowi.

Di report show say workers been do one we no go gree for August 2022 to ask government for dia hazard allowi, COVID-19 inducement allowi and Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) adjustment adn everything wey government dey owe dem.

Kabir come thank di government say dem don give go-ahead to release N43 billion to pay hazard allowi for health workers wey dem approve inside December 2021.




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