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No dey discriminate old people for health – WMA


Di World Medical Association don beg make government and medical people for di world come together to comot Healthcare discrimination for elderly people kpata kpata.

Di WMA yan for dia new policy document different people dey see elderly ones like say dem be load for healthcare system.

Dem reveal say di discrimination wey elderly people dey face go fit affect día physical, mental and social well-being and e dey help reduce di quality of dia life, loss of autonomy, confidence, safety, and active lifestyle, and that one sef dey lead to decrease for dia levels of health.

Di association point out say to stop dis discrimination against elderly people, professionals, institutions, healthcare systems, and authorities need to put eye for di mata.

Dem tok say physicians need to help patients improve the health, well-being, and quality of life whether dem be elderly people or not.


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