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No dey collect knack for yansh! See why – Oncologist


Consultant Radiation and Clinical Oncologist for di University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu, Dr. Nwamaka Lasebikan don warn make naija people no dey collect knack from yansh because e fit cause anal cancer for dem.

Nwamaka come reveal say anal cancer dey related to human papillomavirus infection and e dey move around more for human beings wey dey knack plenty people. Experts tok say Anal cancer na cancer wey no dey common and e dey happen for di anal canal.

Nwamaka wey also be director for oncology for UNTH still continue say men especially di gays and bisexual ones wey dey collect knack for yansh get higher risk to carry anal cancer.

Di National Library of Medicine been post one report wey confam say anal sex dey carry anal cancer come for both men and women as dem do interviews with 102 males and 106 females with squamous or transitional cell carcinoma for di anus and 208 of dem come match di controls.

(Punch Healthwise)


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