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Menopause fit carry depression come – Medical Expert


Di Medical Director for George’s Memorial Medical Centre, Dr Faye Iketobosin don reveal say depression wey older women dey get fit be because of menopause.

Iketobosin wey be obstetrician-gynecologist yan say no be all depression dey happen because of mental problem as e fit be menopause dey cause dis one for older women and na women wey dey for dia 40s go dey experience dis one more than di women wey dey young.

Di expert come point out say one very common sign na when di woman go start to dey sweat anyhow, something dem dey call hot flushes, but e dey depend on di woman wey e dey happen to. Also vaginal dryness, skin and hair changes, bladder dryness, and forgetfulness follow for di signs and symptoms say menopause don land.

He also add say even tho period dey come for dis time and e dey shake, e no suppose dey too much.

Iketobosin still reveal say di women wey don reach menopause still fit enjoy knack and na why dem go need to get lubricant to help with di vaginal dryness, so di knack go dey sweet for dem.


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