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Memory loss dey normal for Menopause – Experts


Experts wey dey for menopause health don reveal say women wey dey get memory loss because when menopause come suppose go meet medical people so dey go help dem.

Di experts tok say memory problems dey very common when menopause start to dey come but e no mean say dem go get Dementia.

Di physicians open up for di 2022 World Menopause Day wey dey happen for October 18 and na since 2009 International Menopause Society join hands with World Health Organisation to keep October 18 as World Menopause Awareness Day.

IMS tok say that day na to raise awareness menopause and which option dem get to improve día health.

For White Paper wey IMS drop, dey tok say di women wey dey go through menopause dey always fear say di brain fog wey dem dey get na dementia but di experts say na just very common sign of perimenopause and menopause.

Di White Paper still warn medical people make dem no dey give hormone therapy for women wey dey complain of brain fog for menopause but make dem just educate dem say dis kain things dey happen for menopause and pre-menopause and make dem no worry.

E still advise make medical people dey advise women say e dey very rare for dementia to come for midlife and that dis kain changes dey hardly show say na serious brain damage.

Dey also tell physicians make dem advise women wey dey go through menopause to dey do enough exercise so dem go manage dia weight well and also run away from smoking, alcohol and run from stress so dem go fit protect día brain health.


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