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Local food dey very nutritious – Expert


One qualified dietician, Adeola Adeleye don beg naija people make dem dey chop more local food because e dey very nutritious and healthy and even tho people no dey gbado am, e get everything wey di body need.

She yan say person wey dey eat naija local food go live long but portion control still very important.

Di nutritionist wey be expert wey dey manage health palava like diabetes, hypertension, and polycystic ovary syndrome with nutrition guidance for her Instagram page, still give idea of di kain naija food we dey very good and get plenty nutrients like Egusi and Eba as Egusi get some nutrients wey dey prevent heart palava.

She also advise make naija people dey add vegetables to dia food everyday whether na for soup or as salad because vegetables Dey help prevent cancer.

Di expert still beg make naija people dey chop fruit well at least once a day because e contain antioxidants wey dey help prevent disease.

She come still add make people dey chop different types of Garin like rice, pasta, bulgur, and corn at least 4 times a week because dem get B Vitamins wey dey give di body energy.


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