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Healthcare don dey better for naija – Health commissioners


Health commissioners for di country don conclude say dem go hold forum wey go tok about role wey states get for Health Care financing.

Chairperson for di Nigeria Health Commissioners Forum, Dr. Oyebanji Filani yan dis one for statement wey dem release on Monday say di forum go happen for Abuja from October 5 to 6.

Filani wey be di Ekiti State Commissioner for Health reveal say Naija primary Healthcare don dey better and that primary Healthcare wey dey everywhere for di world dey need proper funds and servicing so dem go fit reach Universal Health Coverage by 2030.

He come add say di forum go check way wey go better for dem to get funds for di primary health care for states and also find di common palava wey dey block di progress and improvement.

Di Ekiti state health commissioner also yan say di forum go bring people from public and private sectors to join for dis forum including development partners, academics, Civil Society Organisations, and media.

He still beg everybody wey wan join body for di forum go to dia website www.nhcf.org.ng.




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