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Carving no dey cause baldness – Expert


Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Sebastien Oiwoh don reveal say evidence no dey to support di rumor that if person carve him hair to change di shape, e fit start to dey go bald.

Oiwoh point out say e no dey true because if person cut him hair or reshape am, e no dey commot di hair shafts from di hair follicles wey be hole where each hair dey come from.

Di skin expert still reveal say wetin carving dey do na to create demarcating line between di parts of the scalp wey get vbulk hair and parts wey no get bulk hair whether in front or for back of di scalp.

Carving dey also help reduce di length of hair for di part wey dem don demarcate but e no dey remove di whole hair.

He explain more say wetin dey make hair to dey go back or for person to become bald na androgenetic alopecia wey dem dey also call common baldness or pattern hair loss.

Dis kain hair loss na progressive loss of hair function and structure for hair and then finally loss of hair kpata kpata wey dey come with age.

Oiwoh continue say dem fit stop common baldness if di person wey get am go see dermatologist because e dey linked with internal diseases like di disease of the heart and its blood vessels, abnormal fat in the blood, systemic hypertension, diabetes mellitus and plenty others.


(Punch Healthwise)


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