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Carry your pikin go hospital if e dey snore! E fit dey dangerous! – Expert


One Consultant Paediatrician, Dr. Ayodele Renner don beg make mama and papa dem carry dia pikin carry dia pikin go hospital if dem dey snore for night because e fit be sign of big health wahala.

He yan say snoring dey happen when person no fit breath well and e fit be because of infected adenoids and if di adenoids don swell because of infections or allergies, di pikin fit start to dey snore.

One child health welfare online site – Kidshealth.org reveal say adenoids na patch of tissue wey dey di back of di nasal passage and e dey help keep body healthy as e dey trap harmful bacteria and viruses wey we dey breathe in or even swallow.

Adenoids dey help fight infections for babies and small small pikin dem.

Di child expert, Renner come still add say di condition fit dey managed well for some pikin but some fit need surgery to commot am by ear, nose and throat surgeon as last bus stop.

Experts dey point out say even tho adenoids dey good and e dey do better work for body, person fit need surgery to commit if e dey infected or swell up.


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