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Cancer treatment too cost! – Experts


Medical experts don dey cry say cancer treatment for Naija too dey expensive and some cancer patients dey show up late even tho dem dey do plenty awareness.

Di experts been tok dia mind when di First Lady for Kebbi State and founder for di Medicaid Cancer Foundation, Shinkafi-Bagudu been visit di Federal Medical Centre, Jabi inside Abuja.

Di Medical Director for di centre, Prof. Saad Ahmed wey Head of Clinical Services, Dr. Joseph Eziechila represent point out say cancer treatment no dey cheap anywhere for di world and him thank Dr. Shinkafi-Bagudu for her kind gesture and humanitarian services say she do well.

Di head for di oncologist unit, Dr. Tessy Ahmadu also yan for her end say cancer dey cover all di age groups and gender.

Di foundation come donate N2.6m to cancer patients for di hospital.


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