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Cancer dey chop Naija money steady – LOC report


Di Lancet Oncology Commission report don show say Naija lose about 5.9 billion dollars to cancer deaths and other things wey relate to cancer for 2019.

Di Chairmo for di Lancet Oncology Commission for Sub-Saharan Africa, Prof. Wil Ngwá been yan dis one on Wednesday for public presentation wey dey call “Lancet Oncology Commission: Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa”for inside Abuja .

He tok say cancer na really big issue for economies for dis areas as Algeria lose 2.6 billion dollars, Angola 1.2 billion dollars, Benin 209.2 million dollars, Botswana 500.6 million dollars, and Burkina Faso 270.6 million dollars all to dis disease.

Ngwá come reveal say cancer don kpai more people than wetin coro do for 2021 inside Africa and more than 28,000 children dem don kpai for di region inside 2020.

He still add say because of coro, estimation dey say like 1 million people go dey kpai every year by 2030 because of cancer for Africa so make di continent start to dey tackle cancer like dem tackle coro.

He also yan say challenge wey cancer dey face for Sub-Saharan Africa dey too plenty and e fit dey worse if dem no carry di correct steps follow am.

Ngwá still add say cancer for Africa dey worse because say dem no dey find am out on time, dem no fit get good access to treatment plus poor outcome because of some rural places.

Former Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, for him side yan say Federal government don dey try to reduce burden di disease carry for naija but wetin dey more important go be political action no be political will.


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