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70% of people wey get cancer no get money – WHO


Di World Health Organisation don yan say more than 70 percent of naija people wey dey live with cancer for low- and middle-income countries dey serious financial problems and dey lose dia properties when dem dey look for help to treat di disease.

Di WHO yan dis one for di launch of di first global survey wey dem do to help people wey get cancer and dem plan to reach more than 100,000 responders from 100 countries especially for people wey dey live for low- and middle-income countries.

Di results for di survey go come out by early 2023 and dem go use am arrange policies, programmes, and services for people wey get cancer for di world.

WHO yan say di survey na part of another bigger campaign wey dem go use to help pieple wey don get doings with cancer, including di survivors, caregivers, and the bereaved, as e be part of dia Framework for Meaningful Engagement of People Living with Noncommunicable diseases.


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