Home As e de hot Zamfara don share 147 Keke Ambulance.

Zamfara don share 147 Keke Ambulance.


Zamfara Government don open 43 Primary Health Care Center wey dem just build and share 147 keke ambulance on Sunday so health mata go dey easy.

Di News Agency of Nigeria dey report say di health center wey dem build dey under government programme wey dem say dem go give one PHC each for di 147 political wards wey dey di state.

Governor Bello Matawalle wey him Deputy, Sen. Hassan Nasiha, represent tok say dem don dey complete other PHCs for other wards and dem don put everything inside di 43 wey dem don build finish.

He come tok say make di Primary Healthcare Board (PHCB) for di state make sure say di equipment wey dey di PHCs go dey very useful for di state people and he warn make di people wey dey build di other PHCs do fast or dem go collect di contract back.

Matawalle still point out say him government don share ambulances and medical equipment to secondary health care facilities wey dey di state.




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