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We must break chain of Rabies Infection! – NMA


Di Nigerian Medical Association through dia committee on Neglected Tropical Diseases, don reveal say dem go collabo with di Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association make dem raise awareness for di challenges and how to control rabies for Naija.

NMA yan say di collabo go help improve communication, management and even control animal and human rabies infection and dem dey work with NVMA as dem dey use one health approach to make sure say dem break di chain of infection, come still make sure delay no dey to go hospital or veterinary clinic.

NMA and NVMA been release statement wey carry di plenty details to mark di 2022 World Rabies Day and dem still yan say tho di vaccines don dey help to reduce plenty complications wey rabies dey carry come, some challenges still dey because di vaccine no dey really cover places wey dey inside inside.

Dem dey celebrate World Rabies Day on September 28 every year so dem go raise awareness on how dem go fit comot di disease kpata kpata and dem tag dis year own: ‘Rabies: One Health, Zero Death’ wey dey point out di connect wey di environment get with people and animals combine.


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