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We get device wey dey check for heart palava sharp sharp! – Firm


PPC Healthcare wey dey under company wey dem dey call PPC Limited don yan say if people dey find out about heart disease on time, e go help manage di disease well and dem been yan dis one for inside statement wey dem use reveal say dem done partner with retail stores and pharmacies wey dey di country so dem go fit improve cardiac health.

Di company point out say di partnership go help naija people to find out arrhythmias on-time so dem go fit get proper medical intervention so dem no go get heart attack, stroke, or heart failure and dem go use one light-weight ambulatory cardiac monitoring device dem call Bittium Faros to use to monitor both short-term and long-term cardiac monitoring.

Head of Sales-Medical Devices for PPC Limited, Bamidele Nse-Jacobs come yan her own say wetin go help manage heart conditions well na to find am out on time and since big problem na how people go dey fit do sharp heart checks, di partnership wey dem get plus di device dem bring go help naija people to find out come manage dia heart palava well.

She reveal say di device Bittium Faros go give cardiologists very good measurement of electrical activity wey dey happen for di heart from 12 hours up to 30 days and even cardiologists tok say di device dey very easy for dem to use and e no too cost.


(Punch Healthwise)


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