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We dey vex! Disease too plenty for naija! – Group


Group wey dey under National Association of Government General Medical and Dental Practitioners don tell Federal Government make dem do things wey go stop Monkeypox and other disease wey dey spread.

Di Presido for di association wey be Dr. Dokun Noël, yan this one for di National Executive Council meeting wey dem do for Wednesday inside Abuja.

Noel say e dey vex am say Britain Publication give di naija name as ”epi-centre of lots of epidemics, cholera, Lassa fever and the rising monkeypox”.

Noël come advise government make dem dey work sharp sharp so these things no go dey dey worse, make dem dey try prevent instead of cure.

News Agency of Nigeria come report say dem name di meeting “The Role of General Practitioners in Nation Building”, and Sub-themed na: ”The Impact of Disease Outbreak in Fragile Economy’’.

Noel point out say di sub theme wey dem choose na because wetin disease don do to di economy for we country dey too much and e cause stumbling block for people wey dey go Britain or even things wey people dey send there.

Dr. Stephenie Ogunbo wey be general practitioner still tok her own say monkeypox na disease wey animal dey transmit and WHO been tok for July say na very serious health mata and she sef dey see say di disease dey follow di same way Coro been follow if dem no do anything about am.


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