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We dey disappointed! Pay our allowi! – NMA to FG


Di Nigeria Medical Association don demand make Federal government pay di new hazard allowi wey dem approve inside next 2 months.

Dem tok dis one inside bulletin wey di association drop for dia August National Executive Council (NEC) meeting wey happen on Sunday for Gombe and na di Presido for di association Dr. Uche Ojinmah, and the Secretary-General Dr. Jide Onyekwelu sign am.

Dem still gree say dem go dey use every way wey di law accept to make sure say di allowi come in because dem dey move slow slow to start di payment process.

Dem also yan say dem don see say some state government no dey like to pay when e reach to increase salaries and allowi for state service.

Di association still point out say dem dey dem dey very disappointed because government no do anything to stop brain drain and because of that, doctors and other health workers dey run commot from di country and if di country continue like this, di country go run down very badly.

Dey come thank security agency dem for di good work wey dem dey do and still beg dem to continue.

For di same way, dem thank government and health care people for di fight wey dem dey do against Monkeypox and other disease.

But they point out say dem no too like di will wey federal government through Ministry for Health sign for Establishment of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine Regulatory Board for di country because dem dey see say e go get problem with wetin Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria dey do.




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