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Vaccine plenty! Go collect your own! – NPHCDA


Di National Primary Health Care Development Agency don beg naija people wey never collect covid vaccine make dem go get am.

Di Executive Director for NPHCDA, Dr. Faisal Shuaib, yan dis one when dem do handover ceremony for more than 604,800 doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines wey MTN dash di country.

Shuaib wey send him represent wey be Director for Disease Control and Immunisation, NPHCDA, Dr. Bassey Okposen, tok say MTN don dey help naija for him development since and dem dey twale give dem.

Di NPHCDA oga reveal say even tho vaccine dey, plenty naija people still dey dodge to take di vaccine and with di 604,800 doses wey dem don dash dem now, e mean say like 604,800 naija people go collect full vaccine.

He add say dem don vaccinate 34,242,083 people wey be like 30.6 percent of naija people wey don reach and also 3,678,412 inside di people wey don collect vaccine don collect dia booster shot.

Shuaib come beg naija people wey never collect bvaccine make dem rush now we vaccine still dey plenty.


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