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Sweeteners fit link to Heart disease – Researchers


Study don show say artificial sweeteners fit cause heart disease even tho experts dey say dem need to still look into the report.

Sweeteners dey inside plenty things wey millions of the people for di world dey chop everyday.

Researchers wey dey di French INSERM institute been study data wey dem get from more than 100,000 adults for France who been report dia diet plus how dem dey live and dia medical history from 2009 reach 2021, so dem go check if sweeteners dey linked to heart disease.

37 percent of people wey dem study been dey take plenty artificial sweeteners with average intake of 42 milligrams a day wey be like one packet of sweetener and dem also record about 1502 heart problems like heart attack, angina, and stroke.

Di research wey dem publish for di journal BMJ, show say 346 people out of 100,000 people wey dey take plenty sweeteners been get heart disease and dem compare am to 314 inside 100000 wey no dey take sweeteners.




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