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Overthinking no dey cause Hypertension!- Experts


Experts for health don cancel di rumour wey dey go round say na when person think too much e go get hypertension because science no get evidence for am.

Di experts tok say di major palava for high BP na age and even tho when person think, e fit make di BP go up small for sometime, once di matter clear for di person, di BP go come down so e no fit cause hypertension.

One of di experts wey be Professor of Medicine and Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Augustine Odili explain say hypertension na when BP rise sotay e no fit come down until di person collect treatment and na age be di major factor wey dey lead to am.

Odili come also point out say another thing wey fit cause hypertension na obesity wey be when di body don gather too much fat.

Odili still yan say plenty people for naija get hypertension because research wey he and him team do show say na 38 percent of naija people get hypertension and dat people wey don pass 60years dey at risk more.

WHO been yan for dia own report say hypertension na very serious palava and e fit increase wahala wey go cause disease for di heart, brain, kidney, and others.

Also naim dey cause plenty death for people wey never reach to die as more dan 1 billion people get am for di world.


(Punch Healthwise)


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