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No dey use put pikin spoon for your mouth!!! – Expert


Consultant Paediatric Dentist wey dey work with di University of Nigeria, Nsukka Teaching Hospital, Dr. Nneka Onyejaka don warn adults make dem no dey use di same cutlery with pikin dem because e fit cause bacteria infections for di pikin dem especially if di adult carry bacteria infection.

Onyejaka come also beg parents make dem start to dey brush dia pikin teeth once di teeth start to dey come out because e go help di pikin get used to brushing and make dem no dey use handkerchief!

She yan say make dem get very soft toothbrush with tiny toothpaste for di pikin because apart from di fact say dem go dey used to toothbrush, chloride wey go help protect di teeth go also enter di teeth. And e go also save you stress make di pikin no dey run up and down when you start to dey brush dem.

She also beg make mama dem wey dey breastfeed clean baby mouth after dem don feed dem finish with face towel.

Onyejaka also advise make parents dey carry dia pikin go dental checks before dem reach 1 year, so di parents go know how to dey take care of di pikin mouth and teeth on time.


(Punch Healthwise)


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