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No dey sleep with your phone! – Experts.


People wey be expert for Public Health don warn naija people make dem no dey keep dia phone close to dia head as dem dey sleep because e go expose dem to wetin dem dey call radiofrequency radiation.

Di experts still tok say e fit Scatter sleep and dat one sef go fit cause serious health palava wey include headache, body pain, and stress plus dull brain because of di radiofrequency radiation.

Dem come still add say good sleep dey very needed for both mental and physical health and if your phone dey close to your head as you dey sleep, e go disturb di sleep.

One of di experts wey be Public Health physician for di University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Prof. Tanimola Akande tok say even tho some people dey yan say if person sleep near him phone e go affect him fertility or even cause wetin dem call genetic malformations for women wey get belle, dem never get evidence to back am but him know say phone wey dey get skoin skoin fit start fire for bed especially of you dey charge am.

Di Prof come beg every body make dem start to dey switch off dia phone as dem wan sleep or make dem keep am far from dia head so story no go enter.


(Punch Healthwise)


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