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No dey depend on Dash money for Health care mata! – CSOs to African govts


Di Development Research and Projects Centre don join plenty other civil society groups for di African continent inside di 6th Annual Association for Research on Civil Society in Africa conference, in Dakar, Sénégal make dem put head together to tok about how dem go strengthen, come safeguard di role wey CSOs get for human and environmental health inside Africa.

Di main point dem tok about na how African countries go do better for Healthcare funding make dem no dey depend on dash money and loans.

Di Country Director of dRPC, Dr. Judith-Ann Walker come give statememt say di conference been gather civil society groups together make dem bring out solution wey dem go use solve challenges, policies and check how practices and dia work dey affect people and environment.

Prof. Mamuoda Ndiaye of the University of Dakar for him own side come beg African civil society organisations make dem make sure say dia public health policy advocacy capacities and strategies dey very strong.

Di PACFaH@Scale NGO leaders wey be part of di Alumni Association of the National Institute AANI-Lagos and Medical Women Association of Nigeria Kano, for dia session come reveal say di project don contribute plenty to di capacity development for organisations and dem make CSOs to stand for di leadership position for policy advocacy.

Di African civil society organisations for di conference come ask national government and regional bodies make dem put new structure wey make sense so dem go fit include CSOs for table wey dem dey male decision because e go help to push and achieve Sustainable Development Goals especially di SDG 3 wey be di Health goal.


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