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No dey chop Seafood wey no cook well – Expert


Public health expert wey be Dr. Olushina Ajidahun don warn naija people make dem no dey chop seafood wey no cook well especially crabs because worms wey dey very bad and deadly fit start to dey grow inside di person body.

Di physician come reveal say if dem no cook seafood well, e fit carry one kain worm wey dey make person wey chop am to lose blood especially through coughing and dem dey call am lung fluke or flatworm.

Ajidahun yan say some warning signs wey dey happen when person chop seafood wey no done well na dat worm infestation plus signs like swollen stomach, iron deficiency, and anaemia.

He come add say some worm infestation fit cause allergic reactions and others fit cause intestinal obstructions.

Di expert come warn say make people no dey do self-medication for worm infestation because di person go need lab test and doctor to know di kain worm dey before treatment.


(Punch Healthwise)


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