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No dey chop fast fast, e fit cause diabetes! – Experts


People wey be experts for Health and nutrition don warn naija people make dem no dey rush dia food because e fit increase risk for diabetes.

Dem tok say if food go digest well well, person wey dey eat no suppose dey chop am fast fast.

One of di experts wey be professor of medicine for di College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Olufemi Fasanmade, warn say person wey dey chop too fast fit dey gain too much weight and e go cause obesity wey in turn fit make dem insulin resistant, which mean say di body go dey struggle to reduce sugar for di blood.

Fasanmade reveal say when di body no fit reduce sugar for di blood, e go bring high blood sugar wey dey cause diabetes most times.

Fasanmade wey also be consultant physician/endocrinologist for di Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, still yan say na obesity join fast eating and diabetes and person wey dey chop sharp sharp no go know when e belle full and e go make am chop more calories than wetin him body need and na that calories fut make am gain weight.

Di expert still go on to warn naija people make dem no dey chop all these junk food because most of di things wey dey inside fit increase risk for diabetes because say dem don process am too much and e no easy for di body to digest am.

Fasanmade come beg make naija people dey chop slow slow and make sure say dem chew every tiny bit of food before them swallow am because person wey dey chop fast fast no dey chew everything.


(Punch Healthwise)


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