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New Monkeypox strain don show face for UK


Di government wey dey rule United Kingdom Don reveal say another strain of Monkeypox don show face for dia side for person wey been go West Africa.

Dem been report for dia official website say na di second time wey dem dey get Monkeypox case from person wey go West Africa come, as di first one na for person wey go England from Naija.

Dem still yan for di report say dem don keep di person inside dia High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) unit for di Royal Liverpool University Hospital, as di advice come from di Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP).

Dem still tok say dem don dey do contact tracing to know who and who di person don contact but dem never see any another trace of infection.

Di Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) been report say UK don confam 3,413 Monkeypox cases as of 2 September.

CDC data come further reveal say gay men wey dey follow other men, bisexual wey dey follow both man and woman get plenty cases pass any other person but then, no matter who e be, anybody wey get contact with person wey get Monkeypox fit get di infection.


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