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New Malaria vaccine go soon dey available


Researchers don tok on Thursday say booster dose for malaria vaccine wey just come out get very high level to protect person against di disease and di vaccine wey no too cost go dey plenty available for people very soon.

Di team tok say di vaccine wey Oxford University for Britain produce fit change di situation for fight for malaria wey don kpai more than 627,000 people especially African pikin dem for 2020 alone.

Di vaccine wey GSK for Britain produce last year na di first vaccine wey World Health Organisation been confam to fight Malaria and dem don give am to more than one million children for Africa.

But research wey dey don show say strength wey GSK vaccine get na around 60 percent and e dey fade with time even if you give booster dose.

Dis new one wey Oxford call R21/Matrix-M vaccine get strength of 77 percent to prevent Malaria for di research wey dem do last year and na first time wey vaccine reach 75 strength wey WHO set.


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