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Naija dey ready to fight Malnutrition for pikin dem – Ministry


Naija don start to dey make Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Foods wey go fight malnutrition especially for pikin dem.

Di Director for Family Health inside di Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Salma Anas-Kolo, been reveal dis one on Tuesday when she open up say e never too tey when naija dey import RUTF through UNICEF but now di country don dey export am.

She point out say RUTF dey very important to treat children wey get very serious and acute malnutrition because e dey very common for naija as na di country get 50 percent of burden for Africa. And also 50 percent of death wey dey happen for children wey dey under five years na because of malnutrition.

RUTF na supply wey dey like paste wey dem dey make with powdered milk, peanut butter, vegetable oil, sugar, plus a mix of vitamins and minerals.

Anas-Kolo yan say balanced diet dey help pikin to develop well physically and for brain too and children suppose dey chop better from when dem born dem because healthy, intelligent children dey important for di country.

Di Director still come add say di ministry dey work with NAFDAC make dem make sure dem dey avoid fortified fats because dem dey very bad for di body and fit cause heart problem. Dem dey related to high cholesterol too.

She come warn naija people say shisha even worse pass to dey smoke normal tobacco cigar so make dem avoid am totally.



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