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Na Heart disease dey kpai many people for di world! – Cardiologist


Cardiologist wey dey EverCare Hospital for Lagos, Dr. Okoh Ewere don reveal say na cardiovascular diseases we dey kpai many people for di world.

Ewere yan dis one for statement wey di hospital sign say when people wey been dey very healthy suddenly fall down, slump come die na mostly heart or brain attack dey cause am.

He come add say heart attack dey happen when part of di heart muscle no get enough blood to work well and if e continue, di muscle go just die. And na dilation of di lumen of di artery for di cardiac catheterization laboratory go help stop di blockage for di cardiac arteries and those kain lab no dey enough for naija to serve more than 200 million people.

Ewere come add say di heart attack wey dey happen for young people fit no be because of fat but because of drugs like Cocaine wey dey make di heart rate run and blood supply no go match with demand from di heart.

Di doc come advise say make people adjust di way dem dey take live their life and also quit some habit like smoking, start exercise, good diet and healthy eating, get alcohol limit, and control stress so dem go fit prevent di effect wey cardiovascular disease dey bring.


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