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More than 700,000 people dey kill theirself every year – WHO


World Health Organisation don reveal say more than 700,000 people dey commit suicide every year for di world and more than 77 percent of all di suicide case dey happen inside low and middle-income countries.

WHO Represent to Naija, Dr. Walter Mulombo tok dis one inside message to mark di 2022 World Suicide Prevention Day wey be September 10th and dem dey use am raise awareness to show say people fit prevent suicide.

He point out say suicide na di 4th leading cause of death for people wey dey 15 to 29 years old and that as one person dey kill himself, e get like other 20 people wey dey think about how dem go kill dem self.

He reveal say 2022 theme na “Creating hope through action” wey dem choose to remind people say dem get other choice wey no be suicide and e dey also tell countries say suicide prevention suppose dey very important for public health especially for places wey no too get services or ways wey dem dey take reduce dos palava.

Mulombo yan say dem still dey use di plan wey dem been get make suicide prevention top for di world so dem go fit reach target, reduce rate wey people dey take kill theirself by 10 percent for 2020.

He still add say Naija don show say dem dey ready to meet di target as dem dey set up National Mental Health Programme for di ministry of health and di ministry dey work with National Assembly to bring out mental health bill wey dey in line with international standards and also dey move forward with mental health activities.





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