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Monkeypox fit carry Heart disease gum body – Research


New study don commot say people wey get Monkeypox get higher risk for heart attack.

Di study wey dem publish inside Journal of the American College of Cardiology report say one man wey dey 31 years wey carry Monkeypox been develop sharp sharp myocarditis small time after him show symptoms.

Myocarditis, according to wetin Mayo Clinic tok, na inflammation for di muscle wey dey di heart wey be myocardium and this go make di heart e no fit pump blood well. The signs fit be chest pain, shortness of breath, and rapid or irregular heart rhythms, arrhythmias.

Research been don link myocarditis to smallpox wey dey related to Monkeypox but him case worse pass.

The researchers come explain say di man get symptoms of Monkeypox for 5 days and as him come clinic, dem run test confam say na im.

After 3 days, di oga come back emergency department say him dey get chest pain and other things, dem come admit am for di intensive care wey dey dia isolation unit as dem dey suspect acute myocarditis.

Di researchers still tok say dem treat di patient and him dey alright after one week and even enzymes wey dey him heart return to normal and other skin yama yama him get cause of Monkeypox, heal and dey discharge am.

Di scientists come later add say dem still dey do more research to see how Monkeypox and heart disease take link.


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