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Monkeypox don strike again!


Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) don report new 21 cases wey dem don confam for Monkeypox inside di last 7 days.

NCDC been drop di report for dia official website on Sunday say people fit get di disease if dem get close contact with person wey gat am or if dem get contact with wounds or body fluid or respiratory particles from person wey get am.

Dem also report say Naija been record 6 people wey don kpai because of Monkeypox between January and August and na 6 states wey be Delta, Lagos, Ondo, Akwa Ibom, Taraba and Kogi record one death each.

NCDC also yan say Naija don confam total of 241 as di 21 new cases don drop from 12 states.

Dem drop state with small Grammer say:

“Of the 241 confirmed cases of monkey pox in the country, Lagos State has the highest burden of the disease, with 42 confirmed cases since the beginning of the year.

“This translates to 17.4 per cent of the total burden of the disease in the country.

“Overall, since the re-emergence of monkey pox in September, 2017 to August this year, a total of 1,116 suspected cases have been reported from 35 states.

“Of the 1,116 suspected cases, there have been 467 (41.8 per cent) confirmed (309 male, 158 female) from 32 states.

“In addition, from September 2017 to August 2022, a total of 14 deaths have been recorded, with a case fatality rate of three per cent, in 10 states.

“The states are Lagos – three, Edo – two, Imo – one, Cross River – one, FCT – one, Rivers – one, Ondo State – one, Delta – one, Akwa Ibom – one, Taraba – one and Kogi – one.

“Monkey pox symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fever and a rash that may initially be mistaken for chickenpox or a sexually transmitted disease, if in the genital or anal region”


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