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Misoprostol fit abortion! No dey use am for labour! – Experts


Maternal health experts don dey shout because traditional birth attendants dey use misoprostol to induce Labour illegally and in di wrong way and e dey high di number of mama and new pikin wey dey die for di country.

Misoprostol na for di prevention and treatment for stomach and duodenal ulcers but dem dey also use am to induce labour, cause abortion, and also treat postpartum bleeding because of poor contraction for di uterus.

Di gynaecologists yan say some women wey get belle but don use Caeseran operation born before dey use misoprostol because say traditional birth attendants dey give dem hope say e go help dem so dem no go use another CS born but most of dem no dey dey alive to tok wetin dia eyes see.

Di experts reveal say physicians dey use misoprostol to stop bleeding after woman don give birth so dem no go get postpartum hemorrhage and dem dey also use am for abortion.

Associate Professor, College of Medicine, Lagos State University, Dr. Yusuf Oshodi, reveal say when dem use misoprostol to induce Labour, e fit rupture di uterus come still damage di womb and e get plenty things wey dem dey consider before dem use still style.

Dr. Oshodi wey be Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist for di Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, and Vice Chairman, Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics for Nigeria, Lagos State chapter, point out say induced Labour dey associated with high Caeseran rate because no be everybody wey start Labour dey born di baby diaself.


(Punch Healthwise)


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