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Meningitis season dey come and 400 million people fit carry am! – WHO


World Health Organisation Regional Office wey dey Africa don yan say more than 400 million people for Africa fit dey at risk for seasonal meningitis outbreaks.

Di organisation been tok say even tho reports no too dey for di disease for some time now, di outbreak wey been happen before touch health systems bad bad, still do strong thing for economies and e force everybody to deal with di plenty palava him carry come.

WHO come point out say coro been delay vaccination campaign plan wey dem been get for meningitis for more than 50 million children for inside Africa because na Africa get plenty risk of outbreak for meningitis type A wey dem don almost commot for di continent.

Meningitis dey very deadly because e fit cause death within 24 hours and e go leave one in five people wey e affect with serious disability wey no dey reversable.

Statement wey di organisation drop dey show say dem get plans to stop di bacterial meningitis outbreaks by 2030 but WHO still dey warn make countries start di plans sharp sharp before meningitis season for January 2023 go start.

WHO explain say dem dey estimate US$1.5bn to use between now and 2030 to start and do dis plan and if countries follow di plan wey be to do diagnosis, surveillance, care, advocacy, and vaccination, dem go fit reduce infections, save more than 140,000 lives every year, reduce death by 70 percent and still reduce disability wey dis disease dey cause.


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