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Marburg no dey we country again! – Ghana


Ghana don reveal say Marburg virus outbreak don end for dia country 2 months after dem confam di disease.

Di Ministry of Health for di country been yan dis one on Friday after dem see say dey no get any new case for di last 42 days.

Di Ghanaian authorities been tok say dem get 3 confam cases plus 2 people wey don kpai when dey announce di outbreak for 7 July 2022 after dem do lab confamation.

Dey come monitor 198 contacts wey dem dey suspect for 21 days and still add another 21 days on top to be sure.

Di World Health Organisation been note say na di first time wey dem notice di virus wey dey very bad for West Africa and even tho dem been no get experience with di disease before, dem dey very fast to respond come cut am out to save many lives.

Marburg na serious disease wey dey in di same family with Ebola and e no dey get mercy when e dey kill with high fatality rate of 24 reach 88 percent.

Di virus dey transmit through fruit bats and e dey spread for people through direct contact with the bodily fluids of people wey dey infected, surfaces, and materials. Di sickness dey start immediately with high fever, severe headache, and malaise and many people go develop severe haemorrhagic signs inside seven days.

WHO come add say dem dey helep authorities for health make dem know about di virus so dem go fit block am incase e come up for dia side.


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