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Mama fit give her pikin Monkeypox! – Gynaecologists


People wey dey see to health mata of women and mama dem for di American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists inside di United States dey yan say women wey get belle fit give Monkeypox to dia pikin wey dey carry for belle through di placenta and dey fit even give am to di pikin dem just born because of touch.

Di gynaecologists come open up inside article wey dem write for ACOG website say monkeypox signs na di same thing for person wey get belle and person wey no get and di symptoms wey e dey carry na fever, lymphadenopathy, lethargy, pharyngitis, headache, myalgias, and rash.

Di gynecologists still tok say make centres no dey gree make mama wey get Monkeypox breastfeed dia pikin and make dem call infection centres sharp sharp if dey notice anything wey look like Monkeypox so dem go run better test.


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