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Lupus don get new drug wey fit be di saviour!!!


New drug wey scientists dey experiment don show say e fit be di saviour to treat Lupus as di drug don already dey treat rashes for body of people wey get lupus and experts dey yan say e fit also treat di joint pain wey dey come with am.

Mayo Clinic explain say Lupus na disease wey dey happen when immune system attack tissue and organs and di inflammation wey e dey cause fit affect different parts of di body like joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs.

Dem also yan say lupus no get cure but if treatment start on time, dem fit manage di symptoms.

Remember say for inside May, Kemi Afolabi wey be naija actress reveal say e don start treatment for Lupus wey she get for di John Hospital inside di US.

Dem do trial for clinic for di drug wey be Litifilimab wey dem dey give as shot and e show say people wey get lupus wey take am get very significant reduction for joint pain and swelling compared to people who been take placebo.

Dem reveal say dis new drug na monoclonal antibody wey be molecules wey man make to target very specific protein wey dem dey call blood dendritic cell antigen 2 for di cells.

Dem been publish dis discovery for di New England Journal of Medicine.


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