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Lid of can fit cause Lassa fever! – Experts


Health expert wey be Dr. Chinonso Egemba, don warn make naija people dey wash/rinse di top of can drink wey dem wan drink because e fit expose dem to infections.

Dr. Egemba wey people dey normally call Akproko doctor for social media yan say depending on where dem don store di drink, plenty rats fit don dance and even piss on top am and if you no wash di can before you put am inside mouth, you fit carry yourself dash Lassa fever, especially now wey e dey everywhere.

Di doc on top him Instagram page still correct people say him no dey say di can go cause am but e dey very good to protect yourself and cut everything wey fit carry you dash disease. So make you carry di can wash for running water or you use straw.

Public health expert wey be Prof. Tanimola Akande, come add for di matter say make people wey no dey used to cleaning dia can drinks start now before dem start to dey drink from am because after production, plenty hands sef don touch touch di can from transportation to storage and sales and you no know how dem take dey handle am.

Prof Akande come still yan say person fit suffer plenty health mata like contamination from viruses, bacteria, and toxins and e fit lead di person to food poisoning and diarrhoea diseases.

Di Prof wey dey work for University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital yan say di best way to wash can top na to use hot water and soap, den come dry am with serviette or clean cloth and if you no fit do any of dis, you go make sure say you carry clean serviette clean am well or use running water wash am.


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