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Junk food fit seize nutrients for breastmilk! – Research


New study wey researchers for St John’s College, University of Cambridge inside United Kingdom do, don show say if woman wey wan get belle dey chop chop all these junk food, e go affect her health plus she fit no produce breast milk wey get nutrition when she born.

Experts come tok say dis new report go help dem teach women say if dey wan get belle, dey need to make sure dia health dey very okay.

Di report wey dem publish for inside di Sciencedaily, show say food wey get plenty sugar and fat like burgers, fries, and fizzy drinks fit affect di breastmilk wey woman go produce make e no get nutrients wey suppose dey dia, plus e fit also affect di pikin for belle before dem born am.

More result come still show say junk chop chop fit affect baby health and e fit increase risk for mama and pikin to get heart disease, stroke and diabetes later later.

Di scientist wey do dis research come from Sferruzzi-Perri Lab for di Centre for Trophoblast Research, University of Cambridge, and The Department for the Woman and Newborn Health Promotion for di University of Chile in Santiago and dem use lab mice run di tests.


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