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HIV Infection don reduce by 45% because of Global Fund – UNAIDS


Dr Leo Zekeng wey be di Country Director for UN Joints Action Against HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) don tok say Global Fund don help to reduce new infection for HIV for di world by 45 percent.

Zekeng reveal for dia 7th replenishment preconference for Saturday inside Abuja say Global Fund dey very important for fight wey dem get with HIV and dem dey provide more than 100 country with money to plan, come still deal with AIDS and e dey also represent 25 percent of international funding for the HIV response.

Di Chief for UNAIDS come twale for di Fund say dem dey save lives for di world and dem dey do wetin dem been think say no dey possible because deaths wey relate to AIDS don drop by 65 percent.

He come still add say as access to treatment dey, people wey get HIV don dey live life like any other person wey no get am.

Zekeng come thank UNAIDS for dia commitment to di collabo wey dem get with GF so dem go develop and build health system and infrastructure.

Di Country Director still tok say e get hope say di world go bring atleast 18 billion dollars wey GF need so dem go deal with AIDS and other very deadly disease by 2030.

He come still call for countries wey go donate and di ones wey go receive make dem stand gidigba together fight for wetin dem count for di successful 7th GF replenishment.




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