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Heart disease rate don dey increase for Africa – Research


Research don show say rate wey Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) dey rise for Africa and Middle East dey very alarming as di world dey celebrate 2022 World Heart Day (WHD).

Some regional experts come publish report for di Journal of the Saudi Heart Association say dem need urgent and sharp sharp action to stop dis palava and di report show say heart failure dey carry significant morbidity and mortality and e dey affect di life of di patient too much plus economic burden wey e dey bring for country like di one e give US $1.92 billion.

E still show say average age wey person dey develop heart palava for di MEA region dey lower than other places because Africa na 53 years, Middle East na 56.4 years, North Africa na 58.79 years, Asia na 60 years and Europe na 70 years.

Di experts still point out say some risk factors like diabetes, obesity, smoking and socio-economic transition plus sedentary lifestyle, no physical activity and high consumption of fatty foods dey contribute to hig chances of heart failure for di region.

CVDs na like group of disorders wey dey happen for di heart and blood vessels plus coronary heart disease, cerebral vascular disease, rheumatic heart disease, and other conditions.

World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics show say like 17.9 million people dey die because of CVD every year and worldwide fatalities na 31 per cent.

More than four of five CVD deaths na because of heart attacks and strokes, and one-third of di death dey happen for people wey never reach 70 years of age.


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