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Fertility Association wan reduce fertility price


Di Association of Fertility and Reproductive Health don yan say dem go start to dey tok about palava wey follow fertility for dia 12th Annual International Conference wey dem title ‘Maximising ART successes with a sub-theme, Individualised controlled ovarian stimulation,’ and e go happen for September 22nd and 23rd inside Lagos.

Statement wey AFRH release show say dem go tok about issues wey relate to fertility and things wey dey cause am plus how experts go improve fertility services, reduce price for treatment and also handle ultrasound.

Di First Vice Chairmo, AFRH, Dr. Preye Fiebai, reveal say even tho fertility care dey cost well well for di world, di AFRH dey point light on how to make sure say e dey affordable and still get quality.


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