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Feed new baby at least 6 times a day! See why!


Paediatricians don beg make parents wey get newborn pikin to make sure say dem give di pikin food at least 6 times everyday because if not, di baby fit get hypoglycaemia – wey be low blood sugar and e dey also cause seizures plus plenty other health mata.

Di experts wey be Prof. Emmanuel Ekanem wey be former Chief Medical Director University for Uyo Teaching Hospital, and Dr. Ayodele Renner reveal say e dey very risky to leave new pikin to sleep very long without food.

Prof. Ekanem point out say e dey suspicious for new baby to even sleep like 8 hours without waking up to take breastmilk because normally e suppose dey wake up to breastfeed but if e no wake up, make di mama wake am to feed am, then e fit go back to sleep.

Dr. Renner wey be child health advocate would am say for di first 2 weeks when dem born pikin, e suppose dey feed every four hours even if e dey sleep, dem go wake am feed am.

Renner still add say if e no feed like like e fit get low blood sugar come still get small brain damage.


(Punch Healthwise)


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