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Ebola don strike Uganda again!


Dr. Abigail Banji wey be Health Economist don reveal say Ebola don enter Uganda again and now e dey very important for Africa to unite, come network to identify and stop all di Infectious disease.

Banji yan give News Agency of Nigeria on Friday inside Abuja say di problem now even as coro still dey na for Africa to come together so dem go make sure say di continent dey ready for next outbreak. Make dem learn from coro, start to dey prepare, dey keep things wey go help stop di spread of di infections.

She yan say coro pandemic been open di eyes of di country to di fact say di country no get enough materials to fight disease like Ebola and how dem need to stock up more.

Banji point out say di country need more money, new ideas, new serious health leaders plus strong health care system especially primary healthcare so dem go dey find out these disease quick quick, come provide good care and right vaccines and other medical moves to clear di disease.

She yan say pathogens and infections no dey respect borders, so nĂ¡ why Africa must unite to make sure say dem e limite di disease before e spread.

Reports from World Health Organisation dey show say Uganda been declare outbreak for Ebola after dem get case of di relatively rare Sudan strain for dia country and na after dem test sample from one 24 year old man.

Ugandan health authorities don investigate 6 people wey don kpai for that district this month and even di 24 year old man been kpai after him show symptoms.

Uganda don get 4 Ebola outbreaks, the worst na di one wey kill more than 200 people for di year 2000 and di last Ebola Sudan outbreak dem get na for 2012 and at least 17 people out of di 24 wey get am die.

Na di Centre for Disease Control and Prevention been help dem stop di disease that time.


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