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Drug error dey kill 3 million people every year! – WHO


WHO tok say na error wey dey happen for medication dey cause more dan 3 million death for di world every year.

Di Regional Director for Africa, Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, been reveal dis one for message wey she drop to mark di 2022 World Patient Safety Day, on Sept 17 and na dey wey dem dey teach people about patient safety and to beg make all countries join to make sure say patients dey dey safe.

Moeti come yan say some hospital wey get plenty patients during coro pandemic been make plenty mistake for drugs wey dem give patients.

She still yan say one inside every four case of mistake medication wey dey very severe na something wey dem fit prevent.

Moeti still say di day dey very special because e dey give attention to make health care better so e go dey safe and solve problem of mistake for drug.


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