Home As e de hot Di World get over 50,000 Monkeypox cases – WHO

Di World get over 50,000 Monkeypox cases – WHO


Di World Health Organisation don show say di world don record more 50,000 cases for monkeypox but di transmission don dey slow down for some places for Europe and di United States.

WHO been show 50,496 cases and 16 deaths for him dashboard wey dem report give UN agency.

WHO Oga Chief wey be Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tok say as di transmission dey slow down, e give hope say dem fit stop di infection kpata kpata.

Di monkeypox infections been dey go very high since early May outside African countries where been don get am as big palava.

Di WHO been call am public health emergency wey be global problem like covid-19 for July 24.


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