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60 million people for naija get Mental Kolo – APN


Presido for di Association of Psychiatrists inside Naija, Prof. Taiwo Obindo, don revel say more than 60 million people for naija get mental kolo.

Obindo wey be di Chairmo, Faculty of Psychiatry for West African College of Physicians, Naija Branch, been tok for interview with News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday inside Abuja say na only 10 percent put of di 60million people wey get mental kolo get access to di right care and na di 90 percent wey no fit get di right be di treatment gap for mental kolo.

He point out say di gap na because say people no get di right informate on wetin dey cause and how to treat mental kolo and also some things wey dey draw treatment back na myths and things wey people believe traditionally, mental health place wey no dey plus people wey dey take care of people wey dey ment no dey.

Obindo reveal say di small Kolo clinic wey dey na for big cities and 60 percent of naija people dey live for rural areas so e dey hard for dem to travel go big city to get treatment for di kolo.

He also confam say people wey dey treat mental people no even reach di number wey World Health Organisation recommend and di few wey dey, dey try run commot from di country because small small income countries no dey pay dem well, so bigger countries dey carry dem commot.

Di Presido also tok say Naija need to implement di Mental Health Policy for people wey dey practice psychia because even tho dem been review di document for inside 2013, dem no implement am.

He still add say one major thing we dey for di document na to accommodate mental health inside primary health care, something dey never achieve for nine years.

Obindo reveal say na di “lunacy act” wey dem first establish for 1916 come still review am for 1958 dey work for naija.




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