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4 new pikin dem don die for Sapele hospital


Four new pikin wey dem just born don kpai inside di Sapele Central Hospital for di Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State because say doctor wey dey duty dey very careless.

Di families of di pikin dem wey die dey cry, throw theirself for ground say light been no dey di hospital and even doctor wey dey been don drink sotay him no know himself.

Patients, relatives and even visitors for di hospital come vex start we no go gree for di hospital and dey come dey para give people wey dey manage di hospital say dem no dey try at all and when they sight di doctor, dem jump on am to try get explanation but nothing commot from him mouth.

One person wey relate to one of di mama wey lose her pikin come yan say every mama wey born dat night lose all dia pikin.

Hospital management sef and people wey dey work dia no gree say pim, everybody just dey look.

As of time when dis report dey drop, Di State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Mordi Ononye no pick him call or reply message wey dem send to hear him statement.




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