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You no fit pay for health from your pocket again! – LASHMA


Di Madam General Manager for di Lagos State Health Management Agency, Dr. Emmanuella Zamba dey beg Lagos people to register for di health scheme for di state.

Zamba tok say e dey very sad say 70 percent of naija people dey pay for dia health mata from día pocket and even that one sef no dey work again.

She tok say di Lagos State health scheme na to make sure say everybody wey dey live for Lagos dey get access to quality health care for better environment and na why dis scheme be must for everybody whether dem dey work for private or public sector, or dem dey work for theirself or dey no even get work at all because dem no go dey pay for health mata cash from dia pocket again.

She still add say Senior plan dey wey be where people wey don pass 60 years go fit register for di scheme.

She point out say dem dey try do all dis because nobody know when sickness go knock for him door.

Di LASHMA GM also tok say dem don even improve dia telemedicine side so e go reach everybody. This one mean say you fit just call your doctor for di free line, make you no dey go hospital all di time.


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