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Why I wan Become Presido of Obodo World Join-bodi for Cancer Control- Kebbi 1st Lady


Dr. Zainab Shinkafi-Bagudu na Oga Madam for Medicaid Cancer Centre, Medicaid Radiodiagnostics and Board Member of di Union of International Cancer Control (UICC), wey be obodo world join-bodi for cancer control. She dey rep Naija among di three people wey dey drag chair to become UICC Presido. UICC na worldwide organisation wey 1,200 sabinus and advocates for cancer mata be members, from 172 kontri. Inside di video wey UICC komot for youtube, di Kebbi State 1st Lady talk say she get motivation to run for presido because of di jinja wey enter her bodi from di work she did towards di elimination of cervical cancer. She talk say she get plenty experience from leadership, and get power to reach people wey UICC never reach. If she win di other two people from Sweden and China wey follow am dey drag di chair, she go become first African pesin to occupy di UICC presido chair.

Watch her video wey she use big grammar talk, below;


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